Jhonatan da Silva

Jhonatan da Silva

My Box Set of Tutorials 2021

If you have any interests in the three of the following topics, this box set of tutorials would really interest you!

  1. Programming
  2. Game Dev + Art
  3. Productivity

Check it out Box Set of Tutorials 2021

The idea of the box set of tutorials is really simple, I got from Trent Kaniuga

Here's a brief preview of what I prettend to add in the box along the year. The ones that have ✅, are the ones that are already published

June 2021


  1. Creating a python script to manage your notes

Game Dev + Art

  1. Setting up Neovim + Unity in Linux
  2. How to make a simple game in Unity
  3. Can AI learn to play your game by herself? MLAgents in Unity


  1. A Practical approach on Zettelkasten
  2. How to use a python script to organize your zettelkasten notes