Jhonatan da Silva

Jhonatan da Silva

Trent style of selling goods

I loved the idea from Trent since I started to watch his videos, he has a year-long product where he continues to add things, and increase the price along the year.

So in January he has 10 videos and the price tag is $30 (a bit higher than this, but I'm not sure about the value), in February he has 15 videos and the price tag is $40 and it keeps on going until $100 to $150 in the end of the year.

This way, if you are one of the earlier adopters, you can get a bunch of information for a lower price. I myself was one of those, I bought the box set of tutorials when it was pretty cheap, and got tons of contents along the year.

Now, I'm using the same approach, so that people can buy my box set of tutorials for an early value of $20, and I'll be adding things until the end of 2021. So if you buy now (June 03 2021), you'll get the box for $20. Not sure what will be the price in the end of the year.