Jhonatan da Silva

Jhonatan da Silva

[Book Review] How to take smart notes

The book has given me a lot of insights, I definitely recommend reading the book.

It goes over the idea of Slip Boxes. And goes over on the types of notes that Niklas Luhmann used.

The first one, The Fleeting Note. The most basic of the notes, these are the ones that capture the most primitive thought.

The second one, The Literature Note. These are more of a bibliographic type of note, if you read an interesting article, or someone explained something. You can store the content that you want to remember, and reference the person who gave you the information.

And the third one, The Permanent Note. These are the ones that capture your ideas. They craft a line of thought. When you create fleeting and literature notes, ideas and questions will pop up in your mind. All those ideas, thoughts, go over in your permanent notes, they aren't quotes, or copies of something, they are 'original' ideas, or at least, they are in your own words, what you think on a subject.

After exploring the slip box and the types of notes, he goes over on the philosophy of notes, like exploring ideas as such

  1. Should you write a note at all?
  2. Should you throw away your Fleeting notes?
  3. Writing good notes

And, the most important thing of all, focus on the essentials

In general, I enjoyed the book, but as I've searched and read some articles on Zettelkasten before reading the book, I had already bought the idea, so I found the second part of the book, except chapter 12, a bit boring, as it was more of a convincing you type of writing than about the zettelkasten method itself.

In general, 3 of 5 stars.

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